Baldurs Gate 3: How To Knock Out Explained

In BG3, knocking out opponents offers a strategic and sometimes necessary approach to combat. This technique is useful for players who prefer a stealthy or non-lethal playstyle.

How To Toggle Non-Lethal Attacks in BG3

To engage in non-lethal combat in BG3, players must:

  • Toggle the non-lethal attack mode (this can be done by selecting the specific weapon or spell intended for non-lethal force). Weapons like clubs or saps are ideal for this purpose. 
  • Use spells that incapacitate rather than kill, such as ‘Sleep’ or ‘Hold Person’. They are effective for non-lethal confrontations. 

Remember, not all weapons or spells have non-lethal options, so choosing the right equipment is crucial.

When to Knock Someone Out in BG3

Choosing when to knock someone out instead of killing them can significantly affect the game’s narrative and your character’s development. Situations where non-lethal methods are preferable include:

  • When completing specific quests that require a target to be captured alive.
  • To avoid alerting nearby enemies, as killing can sometimes attract more attention.
  • In scenarios where your character’s moral alignment or story choices favor mercy over violence.


Mastering non-lethal combat in Baldur’s Gate 3 adds an enriching layer to the gameplay experience. It allows players to explore alternative strategies and make choices that reflect their character’s moral compass. Whether it’s for specific quest requirements, stealth tactics, or personal playstyle preference, knowing how and when to knock out opponents is a valuable skill in the adventurous journey through the Forgotten Realms.