Charging MacBook Pro Without Charger Explained

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have become popular for being stylish, light, thin, and perfectly portable laptops. Your MacBook not charging can be really frustrating, especially if you’re using your Mac somewhere outside home. In this article, we will be seeking answers to the “how to charge MacBook Pro without charger?” question. 

Charging Issues. What is the reason?

Firstly, we recommend you to check the possible hardware issues:

  • Make sure your MacBook is properly plugged in
  • Check if cable and adapter are not broken/damaged/overheated 
  • Also, make sure the power outlet you’re using works properly
  • You may try restarting your laptop or cool it down – overheating may cause charging issues, too
  • Last, but not least – check if electricity is on

Don’t forget that if you are using your Mac while charging, it will charge slower. 

How to Charge MacBook Pro Without Charger. Best Options

Before you find out how to charge MacBook Pro without charger, you need to know that your Mac has a USB Type-C port. 

Photo by Mishaal Zahed on Unsplash

  • Basically, you can use any USB-C power adapter in order to charge your MacBook Pro without charger, however, it is recommended to use the original power adapter to charge your Mac properly and quickly
  • Also, if you have a USB-C power adapter for charging your iPhone, iPad or any other device, you can use it for charging your MacBook, too. Keep in mind that charges used with iPhone or iPad are not as powerful as those used with MacBooks, so charging your laptop will take longer
  • Another good option is using a power bank. A 20,000 mAh power bank is small enough to always keep it with you, still powerful enough to charge a MacBook


We hope that in this guide you’ve found an answer to the “how to charge MacBook without charger?” question. Feel free to leave a comment and check out how to delete photos from Iphone on Mac.